Strong Maurice - South Australia’s Own Beat Maker Won’t Be Boxed In (006)

The sixth guest on The Rec Show hails from the land down under all the way from Adelaide South Australia and goes by the monicker Strong Maurice. This sound wizard is not only amazing with his music using the 🐨Koala sampler but also creates amazing videos for Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. He also creates sample packs for beat challenges for beat makers to use in their own production...Credit Given of course 😉 Enjoy!
Question #2: What are your first memories of your musical journey, musical influences and how did you get into beat making? Another another good question! My main advice would be focus on the keys. Get good on the piano and everything else is gonna be based off that. And don’t be too critical or doubt yourself too much. It’s all acquired skills. Just keep learning and growing. Growth mindset.

That’s my main belief in life. As long as you’re learning and improving in some way then you’re doing alright. And keep helping others as much as you can. It comes back.

The internets may find me on IG/twitter @strongmaurice and hit the link in my bio to find my music on all streaming services, and FREE samples on my site “Lohype Loops”.

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