Streetiebaby - Controllerrise Member & NC Beatmaker Intertwines Beats and Anime

The twelfth guest on The Rec Show was a Raleigh North Carolina, Controllerise member and killer on the beats. His beat sets and discography is so smooth, he had to name a couple of them Clouds. He merges anime and soulful beats with a incredible lo-fi twist. He is Streetiebaby. Enjoy!
Question #1: For those beat heads that might be sleep, please introduce yourself, what your name means and where your from.
I’m Streetiebaby, AKA BallinSlappernick, AKA Beat Bae. I’m a producer/DJ from Raleigh, NC. My name is just that… It’s a name, haha. It’s really derivative of my original name, which was Streets. It changed to Streetiebaby when one of my homegirls said it out loud in front of some friends and it just stuck. No deep inner meaning behind it.

Question #2: When and how did your musical journey start? What was the moment when you realized creating music was your thing?
I actually started making music when I was in high school, but I always had an interest in the process of making music, I just never knew how. Long story short, I was the “mixtape” guy in high school. I used to burn and sell CDs. One day this kid asked me if I could download a program called “Fruity Loops” and he’d pay me for it. I downloaded it, and of course I was curious so I opened it up. The rest is history.

Question #3: What makes up your music production setup? What equipment compliments and helps you express your music creativity?
Right now I’m on Maschine Mk3, SP 404 and SP 303. I also occasionally use Ableton, Logic, Koala Sampler, anything I can get ideas out on really. I think ever since I made the switch from FL to the Maschine in 2016, I can’t see me without using some kind of hardware to tap out my drum patterns. I really like to go zero quantization and just tap out live drum patterns, so the maschine is my go-to.
Question #4: Controllerise is your crew. What is it like joining such a talented collective of humans and beatmakers? What was the 2019 Japan tour experience like for you?
I’ve been friends with STLNDRMS since 2007. We met and immediately clicked. When he initially brought the concept of Controllerise up to me, it was still fairly new, and I was super new to beat culture. I was like “so you mean I just pull up, play beats, and people are gonna rock with that?” he was like, “Yup! You wanna get down at this A3C event?” I played my first live beat set at A3C. Japan is my second home. I lived there for six years. The biggest thing for me when I left was that I had to make it back out there. For me, the tour was really about getting back out there, connecting with my friends and other dope people, playing some dope beats and having fun while doing it. I love Japan. I love the culture, the people are super nice and respectful, and I just love the scenery and the country in general. It’s always a good time when I’m out there.
Question #5: Clouds II is one of my favorite albums. What was your process going into crafting this and all of your beat tapes?
Clouds II was one of those tapes that I really wanted to have some sort of meaning. I was inspired heavily by Nujabes on this one. I wanted to do something really short, sweet, and to the point, but something that made you feel something. I try to approach every beat tape as if it’s an album. I like everything to feel really cohesive and I like things to play off of each other, which is why my beat tapes feel more like beat sets, or mixes. Clouds II was really me building off of the original Clouds, but I wanted to bring more of a story feel to it. Smokes II and Clouds II are both my favorite projects I’ve done to date.
Question #6: SP404 Day just passed. What is it about the Roland SP404 that you love? How did you celebrate the day with other SP enthusiasts around the world?
I just took people down memory lane and shared my story and experiences since copping my SP 404 back in 2017. The first time I ever even TOUCHED an SP was at A3C in 2017, my homeboy Neo traded me for an A3C wristband, and I’ve been using it for live shows ever since. For 404 day, I posted footage and photos from the beginning of my 404 journey thru now.

Question #7: Who are your beat maker superheroes and why? Not just super producers in the mainstream industry.
Okay, so I know you JUST said nomainstream producers, but Pharrell is my favoriteproducer of all time. Period. He’s awesome. I don’t have to expand on why, his cataloguespeaks for itself. My other favorites are J Dilla, Nujabes, Tall Black Guy, Boonie Mayfield, MF Doom, Q Tip, Pete Rock, and I know I’m probablyforgetting somebody, but I like all of them fordifferent reasons. I mainly love melodies, andthat’s what ususally draws me into the music, is really soulful melodies.
Question #8: Finally, what advice would you give to the younger you when you first started out making beats. And how can the internets find you?
Read more books. Read things that pertain to doing what you plan to do at a high level. And practice DAILY!
I’m on all platforms, wherever you consume music, that’s where I’m at. Search for me, that’s S-T-R-E-E-T-I-E-B-A-B-Y, all one word, only the “S” is capital.

Question #9: What does STREETIEBABY have on the horizon?
Right now I’m just working on a few placements. Smokes III will be out later this year. It’s done, I just need to release it. I’m also planning to release a few mixes of unreleased beats from the vault. Stay tuned, it should be interesting.

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