Miss Tahloulah May - Sharing Love of Music and Hip Hop Culture Unapologetically (003)

My third guest of "The Rec Show" is a incredible sound wizard from The Netherlands, a blogger, and YouTuber. She host a live stream (visual radio) called Room 404 Live where they chill out, play video games, play and discuss music from independent/underground artists, do live beat sets and talk about her joint record collect with her husband Willythedigger. Her last album “RUGGED” was incredible. This beautiful soul goes by the name of Miss Tahloulah May.
5. You just released a dope project called RUGGED which is incredible. Can you talk about the meaning behind the project? What new projects are in the works for you? Any new artist you are currently listening to or inspired by?
Meaning Rugged:

"Rugged" is a Hip Hop album made without a Digital Audio Workstation, DAW. Instead the E-mu SP1200, Akai MPC 2500, Roland SP-404 and the Roland System 8 synth amongst others were utilized to build the album. Beat making, vinyl digging, (vintage) hardware and raw Hip Hop are the ingredients and cornerstones that make this album come to life.

Rugged originates from a need for creative freedom and letting go of conventions. I had an urge to experiment with sounds and feelings instead of working with a clear musical idea. Every track on Rugged is build from a tabula rasa, clean slate, and is inspired by the feelings of that particular moment. Being as close to Hip Hop’s heritage as possible was my wish. This project needed to reflect the rawness of the recordings back then as well as the creative freedom for which Hip Hop is known. Vintage hardware is very intuitive and has that gritty, unpolished sound,  therefore it fits the idea of Rugged perfectly. 

At the same time as I was building the idea of Rugged behind closed doors, a Hip Hop OG got the urge to pass the torch by giving me his SP1200. I took this special moment as a sign that Rugged was the path to take. Like it was meant to be.

This album is an ode to the authenticity and creativity that Hip Hop has brought us all these years. It’s a tribute to those who came before us like Dilla and RZA amongst others. It’s a celebrations of their lessons of unconventionality. 

"What I want to show with Rugged is that it’s still okay to stand for what you believe in, even if that means not taking the easy road.

New projects:

I love to keep reinventing myself and to make projects which are me, but all sorts of sides of me. In that spirit I’m working on a new project which gives me a new sence of creative freedom. I’m afraid that is all I can spill right now… Stay tuned J

 New artists currently in my rotation:

When I’m working on a project I tend to stay away from (new) music within my own or similar genres, because I want the project to be as much of myself as it possibly can. I mostly listen to other genres like old jazz, salsa, merengue, bossa nova, etc. Kind of like a wine taster who needs to neutralize their taste with bread or water. Sounds weird as I write it, but that’s how my crazy brain works I guess.
6. Where can the internets find you?

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