ChordandJocks - Arkansas Producer Merges Analog and Tech Setting The Vibe (005)


Question #1: For those that don’t know who you are, please introduce yourself, what your name means and where your from.

Yo! Im Jordan Cox, a beatmaker/producer/whatever you wanna call it. I’m from central Arkansas, North Little Rock to be exact. My producer moniker is actually just my real name with the first letters switched. When i was searching for available social media handles, this was the one that made the most sense that wasn’t taken. So pronounce it like “cordandjox” It’s a tough one apparently, haha.
Question #2: What are your first memories of your musical journey, musical influences and how did you get into beat making?

So many… I’ll always remember starting out with baritone in the 6th grade and my mother telling my scrawny (still) self that trumpet would be better for me. I loved band all the way through college for a bit. I got into guitar hero heavy when it came out, and my older brother Caleb and I would always be up watching VH1 videos. I’d say those two things are how I became diverse to music. I played guitar in a shoegazey grudge band, and bass in a twinkle~emo~punk band. I also produced a pretty heavy post-rock project.
My earliest memory first experiencing instrumental hip hop was hearing “Organism” by Tommy Guerrero on the video game “Tony Hawks American Wasteland” on PS2. The loops in that track are therapeutic. I had never felt that in music before. Many years later, my girlfriend Macie shared an instrumental beat that i really liked because of the soundscape that it had, plus the knocking drums… two things you cant beat. That inspired me to slowly build the studio I have now. As far as influences, I love the wall-of-sound idea that being in a shoegaze band gave me, and being raised southern and black, of course my parents had immaculate music taste. I often sample artists they listened to at my age now. As far as beatmaker influences, STLNDRMS, Dibiase, AKTR to name a few.
Question #4: What is the beat scene like in Arkansas and how do you connect with your local beat making community? there is no beat scene honestly. I'll name the homies out here doing it though with me… brandonmarlo, camelcasejake, richardrayevskiy, cjsreturnprogram, dj ryan storey, jherod faulker, and moutxn. We don’t have a community here, everything done is remote pretty much. You can find records at flea markets. As far as venue love? none… I tried hosting an ever at this joint downtown Little Rock, they weren’t interested in doing the kind of event. It’s too black for these people probably… If you can get find a night where a pink floyd tribute band isn't booked, or no wagon wheel karaoke is going on, you might can pull up if you don’t wanna make a lot of money. Also, watch out for the con artists. But shoutout to the homies.

Question #5: How would you personally describe your sound?

I call it tangible loops. They are obviously sequences of the same idea throughout each track. If you like yet another take on 80s music as the big publications are calling it, with the knock of some heavy drums. I hope that my music touches the soul of the listener really. I
wouldn’t put out anything that didn’t overly excite me, I hope.
STLNDRMS, to mention once again, easily. I try not to bite too much, but from a creator of music’s statepoint, I can relate to his style of sampling and beatmaking a lot. His values in beatmaking, I study them often and try to remember why I'm doing this every day. That work ethic and determination to put out nothing but peace and love into the world is something that we all need to hold dear, especially in the world today.
Question #8: What advice would you give to the younger you when you first started making
beats and how can the internets find you?
DO THIS FOR YOU. Leave that lofi mess alone. Screw streaming services. Build
your beats better first. I still don’t have the numbers I want at all. I'm still in the process of making these beats sound consistently good. It’s all a process. These things really do take time. And if we dig deep, we can find all the answer we need in the process within.
You can find me everywhere @chordandjocks
here is a link for some links.

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