Brown Jewel Beats - Brooklyn Sound Wizard Travels The World and Experiences Different Cultures To Inspire Her Sound (004)

 My fourth guest on "The Rec Show" which aired February 13th 2021 is a multitalented, multi-instrument sound wizard from Brooklyn New York who is a educator, beat maker, music producer. She holds no punches when speaking her mind and released a dope beat tape "The Parables" on This incredible talent goes by the name Brown Jewel. Enjoy the interview!
 1. For those that don't know who you are, explain who Brown Jewel Beats is, where your from and how you got your start making beats.
My name is Brown Jewel and I am originally from Racine, Wisconsin but currently based in Brooklyn, New York. I’m a beatmaker, music producer and educator. I’ve been making my own music since my sophomore year in college but have been involved in music since 5th grade when I started playing clarinet eventually moving to alto saxophone in middle school.
2. What are your musical influences and how did you get into beat making?

My musical influences have stemmed from a lot of old school R&B like Maze, Levert, Ojays. But producers from Hip Hop like KLC, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Cardiak, Sonaro, the list goes on. I got into it because my super amazing cousin Young Bezzel from Mobile Alabama was making beats and still is.. I was interested in what goes into making beats. So he told me what I needed to buy and initially I started with a Tritan Classic with the hard disks, and he was trying to teach me over the phone how to make beats.

Question #3: Can you share a bit on what inspires you to create beats and your hardware/software workflow?
I’m inspired by people like you who just have dope music and instrumentation. I’m also inspired by film and tv shows that have great music selection. I’ve used FL Studio primarily for a long time now but in the last year I've also been using Serato Studio a lot along with an Akai Mpk Mini and 49 Key Alesis with pads
Question #4: You’ve traveled to different places around the world like South Korea. How have your world travels and interactions helped you and shaped your sound?
Response #4: I think just being immersed in new environments and engaging with different cultures in general brings a different energy and creation out of you. Being comfortable in meeting new people, trying new things, and exploring things out of my comfort zone transfers into also creating things out of that comfort zone and out of the box.
Question #5: How would you personally describe your sound?
My sound is diverse. Though I focus a lot on hip hop and sampling, I also create tracks with afro beat/house/soca vibes and theatrical soundscapes.
Question #6: What new projects are in the works for you? Are there any artists you are jamming to or inspired by?
Currently I’m working on a full project for this fresh artist from Brooklyn named Cash Corleone. I’m also doing the music for this youtube series called Phase 6. Artists that I’m steadily listening to are Ari Lennox, Jazmine Sullivan, Lion Babe, Conway.
Question #7: How can the internets find you?

Folks can find me mainly on Instagram and can be on the lookout for projects I put out at

Gldnmnd releases a Twitter Voicecast episode Every Saturday found on @TheRecShow on Twitter social media platform. Tap in as he spotlights Sound Wizards from around the world.

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