Afro Bluu - Revolutionary Hip Hop Music Permeating with Soul (001)

Afro Bluu, a South Carolina native, avid vinyl collector, hardware and software music producer who creates a incredible stew of ambient, electronic, soulful Hip Hop mixed perfectly with Blackexploytation. His albums include powerful messaging with one single uplift. Enjoy the interview!



1. For those that don’t know who you are, please introduce yourself and where your from to the internets.

I Was Born & Raised In Queens New York. I Now Reside In South Carolina. I've Always Had A Love For Music. From The Womb To The Present Day. I Gained My Knowledge Of Music From My Mother & My Father. From Jazz To Soul Music. I Started Making Beats By Collecting Old Records. I Always Had An Ear For Breaks & Loops. A Young Guy In My Neighborhood Had A 4 Track Machine And A Drum Machine. I Would Watch Him Work And I Knew This Is What I Wanted To Do.



2. Can you explain your approach to beatmaking  & the importance of being inspired by soul records?

Well I Always Listen To Old Records To Get Inspired! I Twist Up A Bud, And Let The Music Take Me To A Safe Place. Or I Listen To Another Dope Producer Which Always Push Me Harder To Come Right! Lol.

3. What's your approach to how you craft your beats?

There's No Real Recipe To My Approach To Making Music. I Might Hear A Sound Or Some Drums. Every Track Is Different. Sometimes I Start With Drums, Sometimes I Start With Melody.

4. When you release music, what is your intention? 

I've Always Believed There Should Be A Message To The Music. My Big Influences Are Curtis Mayfield,  Gill Scott, Last Poets etc. Music Has Always Set The Stage Of What's Going On In The Present World. I Think As Artist Especially Black Artist Its Our Duty To Hip Our Fans Of The Struggle. With The Hopes Of Them Spreading The Word To Others. But Theres Nothing Wrong With Good Feeling Music. Just For Me I Can't Feel Good When As A People We're Not Good.

5. You’ve recently released a amazing joint album with Orb Tapes called NZURI. Can you explain what the name and album means and what artist your listening to?

5. NZURI Is Beautiful In African.  It's a Soundscape Of Who I Am. Musically It  Ranges From All  Aspects Of My Struggle As An Artist. The Funny Side, The Serious Side, The Wild & Abstract Side. I'm Currently Working On A New Project Which Should Be Completed By The Middle Of February. As Far As New Artist I'm diggin Alot Of Cats! IamGldnmnd Lo-Tek, Mike Slott, Kutmah Theres Quite A Few. Lol

6. Where can the internets find Afro Soul?

Twitter: @afrobluu

Instagram: @afrobluu


YouTube: Afro Bluu

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